Alpha 0.4


18 November 2017 Space Ashes - Alpha 0.4



-Tiles color

-Controls help menu

-Musik controller(2 songs)

-Updated controls picture

-Changed tutorial text

-When completed demo, levels won't reset

-Added a couple of "Hull parts" pick-up

-Demo will be from level 1 to 6


-When new update/release, game will resets saves


-Warning stripes on platform

-New enemies(Snaper, spiter, elbow, vizi, baller)(not in demo)

-Levels(7-8)(not in demo)

-Teleporter(not in demo)

-Playground(A testing room)(not in demo)

-Pathfinding script(not in demo)

-New song

-Panic button! (Slows speed and cuts gravity for 10 seconds. Cost 5 scraps)

Download link updated.

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Nov 18, 2017

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