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You are a space ship, pulled by gravity, sent to clean space stations that are swarmed by an unknown form of vegetation. It's a not so easy game where a slow gameplay and patience are your best friends. 20 challenging levels, bosses and secrets to find.  Release around FALL 2018. Currently in BETA.

Download a DEMO: Space_Ashes_Demo.zip

To beta test: http://www.naztail.com/game_spaceashes.html

Published Oct 02, 2017
StatusIn development
TagsArcade, Gravity, Space, spaceship


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Nice game, i died in level 2 on the first try:)

The only thing i would change is the Fire-Button, because Y and Z are switched on some keyboards outside the US.

Thx for pointing that out. X-C-V would be better I believe.