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Out October 8th.

Space Ashes is a slow paced arcade game where you control a ship sent
on space stations to burn swarming forms of vegetation. Defy gravity in
20 nonlinear levels, explore to find secrets and defeat bosses. Shut
down the air system, turn off the lights and burn them all! But beware, those life forms can become aggressive... A not so easy game with a relaxing ambiance.

Download a DEMO: Space_Ashes_Demo.zip

Published Oct 02, 2017
StatusIn development
TagsArcade, Gravity, Space, spaceship


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Nice game, i died in level 2 on the first try:)

The only thing i would change is the Fire-Button, because Y and Z are switched on some keyboards outside the US.

Thx for pointing that out. X-C-V would be better I believe.