New Demo Soon

This is my updated devlog. A new Demo will be released real soon. It will be final.

Date TBD 2018 Space Ashes - Alpha 0.5
-Windy Hook now turn when touch by the player(90 degrees)
-New names for 'enemies'.
-Door stays open when unlocked by switches and close when locked.

-Screen shake managed by player.(code!)
-Fx particles not clearing correctly (because obj_fx was deactivated...)
-Door being activated by some dynamics object. (Only player can trigger a door(not the switches...).
-Light spitter light offsets.
-Spitter small sparks pic and snd.
-Overlaping sounds to prevent sound peeks.
-Flamer ini.
-Lights not working on some instance(spore)
-Bloody Berry particles not going down
-Fullscreen option(Game has a fixed size of 960x540, can be double, triple, etc...)
-Laser sound not working correctly
-Backgrounds parallax
-Level selection wrapping

-Pink smoke
-Animation on Liana and vine growing
-Mushrooms, Flowers, Lasers, Float Balls that follows
-Sound on flamers
-Level 9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20
-Engine jam.
-Max Life Point is now 8.
-'Chest' to unlock bonuses.
-Hud text for upgrade
-Artefacts to collect.
-Door shadows
-Hidden Rooms
-Blue vines (jam player and freeze switches)
-Boss 2 and final Boss.

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