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After a long break, here I am for the final part of the game. The frame of Space Ashes is 99% done. Level 8 is done, i'm planning to add 7 more,  add more enemies, 2 bosses and a couple of other stuff. I'll update the demo (from level 1 to 6) if needed. I'll do regular videos of new stuff. Here is the past devlog:

29 May 2017 Space Ashes - Alpha 0.3
-Ported Space Ashes to GMS2 (It is awesome!!!)
-Modified a couple of tiles
-Remove upgrades: speed, rotation and thrust. Only Hull can be improved.
-Grabber sounds
-Bombs area of effect is better and a little bit bigger.
-Testing new sprite for player
-Vine spread when falling creates floating vines
-Fire collision bbox changed to precise
-Reading surface's pixel from buffer...OMG!
-Display moving button when pausing the game and set to fullscreen.
-Lights and Ventilation prevent spreading and growing when turned back to ON.
-Camera shake
-Sprites animations
-Door/Switch/Fan sprites
-Vine falling
-Spores emit light
-Layer with shadows to add depth
-Game's title on main menu desintegrate pixel by pixel
-Level 6(with a bigger enemy...)
-A custom Easing engine.
27 October 2016 Space Ashes - Alpha 0.2
-Tutorial looks better and it's more dynamic
-New name! - Space Ashes
-Cleaner code. :)
-Animated door entry and exit
-New GUI look.
-Fullscreen and music options
-Save system implemented
-Level restart when dying
-Fire and ashes particles
-2 levels (for a total of 5)
28 September 2016 -Alpha 0.1
-Alpha 0.1 is out.

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Oct 02, 2017

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